Third Baby Announcement – Pregnancy Announcement for Third Baby

Third Baby Announcement - Pregnancy Announcement for Third Baby

Sharing some of my favorite photos today: our third baby announcement! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve already seen our pregnancy announcement for third baby. But I felt like these deserved a permanent place on the blog, too.


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Third Baby Announcement with Siblings

I knew I wanted to integrate the kids into our third baby announcement, just as Colton participated in our pregnancy announcement for a second baby. (And later when we did Blair’s gender reveal with big sibling!) My kids are over-the-moon excited for the new baby, so I knew they’d want to participate in our third baby announcement.

It has truly been a lot of fun seeing how excited Colton and Blair are for the new baby. I was honestly a bit nervous to tell them because I wasn’t sure how they would react. There’s a fairly significant age gap, especially between Colton and the baby. Colton will be roughly 7.5 when the baby is born, and Blair will be almost 5. I was afraid they might not take the news well, but it turns out I didn’t need to worry at all.

Taking these photos was more than just a social media announcement for me. It symbolized a time in the pregnancy when I could finally relax. After a loss a couple months earlier, I was nervous about making it through the first trimester. Then, I was nervous for the 12 week NT scan and blood work. I’d never worried too much about that part before, but I’m older now (34) and I know that comes with some increased risks. Once we made it through that, I was nervous to tell the kids about the pregnancy. Once we got to the point of taking these photos, I was ready to actually start enjoying being pregnant.

DIY Third Baby Announcement

These cute 1-2-3 shirts were a DIY project using my Cricut Maker. We already owned the plain black shirts, originally from Walmart. I’m a big fan of these Wonder Nation shirts for the kids–they’re inexpensive and can be worn as-is or personalized with vinyl, etc. if you’re a crafter. I always keep some white HTV on hand, too.

To create the design, I used a basic font to type the numbers. Then, I added a circle SVG around the numbers. (I usually find free SVGs online, but you can also purchase through Etsy or Cricut if you don’t find any free ones you like.) Make sure to measure your shirts before cutting the vinyl, so you know what size you want your finished product to be.

If you don’t have a Cricut, you could still DIY these shirts using iron-on transfers. I used iron-on transfer to make a complicated design on this shirt for Colton’s 6th birthday, because I didn’t want to deal with layering all that vinyl! I used these transfers for dark fabrics (since I was also working with a black shirt on that project). You’ll want this version if you have a lighter color shirt.

Third Baby Announcement - Pregnancy Announcement for Third Baby

Our big boy Colton wore the 1 shirt since he was our very first baby! Way back in 2015, seems like a lifetime ago now. (Read Colton’s c-section birth story here!)

Third Baby Announcement - Pregnancy Announcement for Third Baby

Next up is our little lady Blair, baby #2 (born in 2017). You can read her birth story here.

Third Baby Announcement - Pregnancy Announcement for Third Baby

These pictures were taken in mid-November, so I was right around 12 weeks pregnant. Not much of a bump yet!

Third Baby Announcement - Pregnancy Announcement for Third Baby

And finally one of all of us together! I thought it was so sweet how Colton was looking at my stomach in this pic.

Third Baby Social Media Announcement


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For our third baby announcement on Instagram, I posted the four photos as a carousel post. So at first it looked like a normal photo of Colton, but then you could keep scrolling and see the big news! The caption I used was, “One is great, two is fun, why not have another one?” Simple and sweet!

I’ll do another post soon to answer some of the questions I’ve gotten since our social media announcement! But for today I just wanted to share these cute third baby announcement photos before I lose track of time and baby is here.

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