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Stilwell Park Stilwell Community Park Reviews 2

Having 2 kids means I spend a lot of time at the park! I always try to scope out new parks online before visiting in person, but a lot of them don’t have much information available. So, I thought I’d start a new series and post some photos and info on our favorite parks to help those of you looking for new places to explore around Kansas City. I’m starting with one of our favorite parks in Stilwell, KS. Keep reading for my Stilwell Community Park Review…

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Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch Kearney MO Reviews

Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch Kearney MO Reviews - Fun Farm Kearney Missouri - Fun Farm Reviews Kearney - Pumpkin Patch Kansas City - Best Pumpkin Patch in Kansas City - Missouri Pumpkin Patches - A detailed review of Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch in Kearney, MO with lots of photos! #kearney #funfarm #pumpkinpatch #pumpkinpatches #kansascity

Is it even fall if you don’t visit a pumpkin patch? And are you even a blogger if you don’t post the pictures online? I’m actually the worst at remembering to post pictures, so don’t answer that last question. You wouldn’t believe how many fully edited pictures and posts I have in drafts that I just never remember to push post on, then it gets to be way after the date and I feel weird posting months later, so I just don’t. But anyway, let’s not let that happen to these pictures! Read on for my Fun Farm Pumpkin Patch Kearney MO Reviews!

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Back to the Pool with Aqua-Tots Olathe

Back to the Pool with Aqua-Tots Olathe - Is swimming safe? As our state re-opens, here's how my kids are staying safe while heading back to the pool. #summer2020 #2020 #swimlessons #kansas

We are officially done with our stay-at-home orders in Kansas, which means a lot of area businesses are opening back up. My kids are especially excited to head back to the pool with Aqua-Tots Olathe. They’ve been taking swim lessons at Aqua-Tots for a couple years now, and really missed swimming while they were closed!

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