How to Wear a Bodysuit - White Bodysuit and Mini Skirt Style: Fashion blogger COVET by tricia shows how to wear a bodysuit by showcasing a white bodysuit and mini skirt outfit. Bodysuits are one of the biggest trends as of late, but it can be difficult to work them into your existing wardrobe. Here's how to style a bodysuit with items already in your closet! This white off-the-shoulder bodysuit is a sexy look for day or night. COVET by tricia is a Kansas City blogger focusing on fashion and lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Tricia!

A Kansas City blogger showcasing lifestyle, fashion, and motherhood.

COVET by Tricia - Tricia Nibarger - Kansas City Bloggers

I’m a former litigation attorney turned stay-at-home mom to a sweet little guy named Colton and a baby girl, BlairColton’s birth was an emergency c-section, and Blair is my VBAC [vaginal birth after cesarean] baby.

I married my high school sweetheart almost 9 years ago and we’ve been together for 13 years total. He is an amazing husband and a wonderful father to our little ones. He’s also taken on the role of Instagram Husband without complaint, which is how I know I found a winner.

COVET by Tricia - Tricia Nibarger - Kansas City Bloggers

As a stay-at-home mama, I spend most of my days trying to figure out how to keep two kids entertained without totally trashing the house. Some days I do alright; other days I fail miserably.

As for my brief, yet crazy, career in the law, I’ll just say this: my favorite advice to give anyone considering law school is “don’t.”

The most common questions I get asked from my followers are:

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Where do you buy you and your kids’ clothes? After getting so many questions about our outfits, I’ve started blogging more about fashion. I have a Shop My Looks page here on the blog with lots of our most popular outfits. Generally, I buy a lot of my own clothes at Nordstrom and Amazon. Both offer free shipping and great return policies. My little boy style runs on the hipster side, so a lot of Colton’s clothes come from Target and H&M. Blair also wears a lot of Target clothes [their Cat & Jack line is my favorite!] as well as Carter’s.

COVET by Tricia - Tricia Nibarger - Kansas City Bloggers

How did you lose the baby weight? I’ve lost about 115 pounds over the past few years, with some ups and downs along the way with 2 pregnancies in there. Some day I’m going to write a blog post with all the details, but the short answer is this: counting calories and working out. I didn’t use any supplements, weight loss surgery, wraps, or whatever else people sell these days. Just good ol’ fashioned eating healthy[ish] and exercising. I found the My Fitness Pal app very helpful to track calories in and out. Until I filled up my phone with too many photos of my kids and had to delete all apps but the bare minimum essentials. Not so patiently counting down the days til the next iPhone release…

How did you get started blogging? My undergrad is in Mass Media, and I love to write and take photos, so blogging is a natural fit for me. My career path has included everything from library book shelver to real estate agent to Walmart employee [and of course, lawyer!]. And now, blogging… or as I usually refer to it, “whatever it is that I do for a living.” Because being a “Professional Blogger” just sounds so pretentious, am I right?

Let’s Connect!

COVET by Tricia - Tricia Nibarger - Kansas City Bloggers

That’s about it for me. Now, I’d love to hear from you. Connecting with my readers is the best part of blogging, so reach out anytime!

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