2 Minute Tie Dye Kit Reviews – Microwave Dyeing Technique

2 Minute Tie Dye Reviews - Microwave Dyeing Technique: Kansas City blogger Tricia Nibarger of COVET by tricia shows how to make DIY tie dye shirts using the two minute tie dye method! #tiedye #diy #tiedyeshirt #upcycle

Do you remember tie dyeing shirts as a kid? It took forever, and a lot of the color was gone as soon as the shirt went into the washer. Thankfully, tie dye has come a long way! We tried the 2 Minute Tie Dye Kit, which uses a microwave dyeing technique, and LOVED the results! After posting this video on Instagram, a lot of you were asking about my 2 minute tie dye kit reviews. So, here’s a full post with all the details!

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Fries Before Guys Outfits – Fries Before Guys Leotard

Fries Before Guys Outfits - Fries Before Guys Leotard - Lili Lane Instagram Shop, Lili.Lane IG shop, the cutest Fries Before Guys outfits and leotards for your dancer! #lililane #friesbeforeguys #mcdonalds

Blair is loving her gymnastics and dance classes, so I’ve been on the hunt for some fun leotards for her to wear! She wore this Fries Before Guys leotard to gymnastics last week. I’ve always thought the little girl Fries Before Guys outfits were super cute, so I had to get her this leotard!

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Breakfast at Tiffanys Photoshoot

Breakfast at Tiffanys Photoshoot - Breakfast at Tiffany's Photos - Audrey Hepburn Costume Toddler Little Girls - Breakfast at Tiffanys Mommy and Me Mother Daughter

Recently, we celebrated Blair’s third birthday with a “Breakfast at Blair’s” theme party, based on Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I’m going to be posting about the party soon, but first I wanted to share these adorable Breakfast at Tiffany’s photos! I couldn’t be happier with this DIY Breakfast at Tiffanys photoshoot and I hope you’ll love the pics, too!

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Best Hermes Sandals Dupes – Hermes Oran Dupes

Best Hermes Sandals Dupes - Hermes Oran Dupes - Hermes Sandal Dupes: We scoured the Internet for the best Hermes sandal dupes and rounded up 10+ options for this in-depth post! #designerdupes #designerdupe #hermesdupes

Following up on the popularity of my recent Tory Burch Miller dupes post, I want to explore dupes for another iconic summer sandal today. Here are the 10 Best Hermes Sandals Dupes! Let’s get shopping!

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Best Studded Sandals for 2020

Best Studded Sandals for 2020 - We scoured the Internet for the best studded sandals in 2020! From the popular Steve Madden Travel Sandal to $10 dupe sandals, we have the perfect studded sandals for your style and budget. We're sharing the best clear studded sandals and the best nude studded sandals in this in-depth post! #sandals #summer2020 #shoes

Studded sandals are one of the hottest trends for 2020! The Steve Madden Travel Sandal is all over Instagram, and for good reason. But, I know the price is more than some people want to pay for sandals. So, I scoured the Internet to find the best studded sandals for 2020 at all price points!

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