Little Lumberjack Birthday Party

Little Lumberjack Birthday Party

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We hosted a little lumberjack birthday party to celebrate our little man turning TWO! The party was held at our home on a very cold Saturday in January. We hosted about 15 toddlers and their parents, plus some family members. It was a very full house!

We (okay, I) chose the little lumberjack birthday theme mainly because it fit well with a winter birthday for a little boy. Plus, who doesn’t love plaid? We plan on having Colton’s parties at other venues as he gets older and makes more friends, so I figured this could be my last chance to do a themed party at home.

Lumberjack Outfit for Little Boy
Fleece: Carters / Denim & Hat: Target / Boots: Timberland / Axe: Party City

One of the first things I did to prepare for our little lumberjack party was put Colton’s outfit together. He actually already had all these items in his closet! Colton has the best closet in the family by far. For every one item of clothing I purchase for myself, he probably gets ten. I always say it’s easier to buy for him because he looks good in anything. Me, not so much! #momproblems

Little Lumberjack Photo Session

Little Lumberjack Photo Session

We also did a little lumberjack themed photo session in our backyard in preparation for the party. I like to do a few photos to go along with each birthday’s party theme to commemorate what Colton looked like each year. His first birthday photos are some of my favorite pictures of him that I’ve ever taken!


I used red and black as the main colors for the decorations, and, of course, lots of plaid! I love using balloons on a party table because they are a quick and inexpensive way to add height and interest.



I asked the bakery to make his cake look like a tree stump. I made the cake and cupcakes for his first birthday, but decided to hire those projects out this year. Being in the midst of the first trimester, I was extra tired!


The cupcakes were vanilla and the cake was chocolate, so guests could choose their favorite flavor.



Lumberjack Birthday Party

Drinks were lemonade and water bottles. We also had juice boxes on standby for the little ones, but they all wanted lemonade anyway.





Lumberjack Birthday Party

Besides the cake and cupcakes, we had Goldfish, pretzel sticks, and Teddy Grahams for guests to munch on. The party was held at 2:00 in the afternoon, so we didn’t want to serve anything too heavy. We also wanted to keep everything toddler-friendly!



We had a couple of activity stations set up at the kitchen island. “Sawing Logs” meant using plastic knives to chop up log-shaped snack cakes. I also printed out some lumberjack coloring sheets and put out some washable crayons. We also had lots of Colton’s toys spread out in our family room and his playroom, so the kids had a variety of activities to choose from.




Favors were s’mores kits and inflatable axes. Colton enjoyed helping me assemble the s’mores kits before his party. Click here for our tutorial on making your own s’mores party favors! And, of course, all the kids enjoyed chasing each other around the house with the inflatable axes.


Lumberjack Birthday Party

I incorporated Colton’s lumberjack photos into the party table backdrop.


Lumberjack Birthday Party

When you ask Colton how old he is, he says “two” and holds up five fingers. These are the little things that I hope I never forget about my sweet son. My two-year-old man was so proud that everyone came to celebrate his big boy birthday!

Little Lumberjack Birthday Party

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Are you planning a little lumberjack party? What are some of your favorite party themes you’ve seen recently?

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  1. That outfit flatlay is life! ??
    I love this idea and the decorations came out perfectly. Wonderful job, mama! Thanks for linking up. #fridayfrivolity

  2. WOW! This is AMAZING! Happy 2nd birthday to your gorgeous little guy! You should seriously plan birthdays, because this set up is amazing! Did they have fun? That cake is awesome – you have to tell the baker who made it! I hope he had an awesome birthday, because it sure looks like a lot of fun! #humpdayhype

  3. What a cute theme idea! I love all the details – that’s where I really go crazy myself. 🙂 I am curious how you get your 2 year old to stay still for pictures. I have now taken pictures of 4 blurry toddlers. My last one is 2 now and he is the worst!

    1. Oh man, it’s not easy! I usually just keep snapping photos and hope that one isn’t too blurry! It also helps to sometimes give him an object to hold or to look at to distract him for a minute 🙂

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