Comfortable Boots for Walking – Orthofeet Boots Review

Comfortable Boots for Walking Orthofeet Boots Review 3

Living in the midwest means I spend a lot of time wearing boots in the winter. Normally, boots aren’t the comfiest footwear, but I found some great comfortable boots for walking this year! I’m excited to share my Orthofeet boots review with you so your feet can stay both warm and comfy this winter, too.

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If you follow me on TikTok, you already know I’ve been a fan of Orthofeet for awhile. I started wearing Orthofeet Kita Hands-Free Sneakers a couple months ago, and they’ve really transformed my walking for weight loss routine.

Back in 2010, I was a baby lawyer at my very first big girl job out of law school. Shortly after I started the job, I slipped and fell on a wet metal ramp at our office building. Unfortunately, the fall was at just the right angle to create a lis franc fracture on my left foot.

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As a result, I was non-weight-bearing and had to walk with crutches for 2 months. Although the fracture eventually “healed,” I continued to have a lot of pain. It’s now been 13 years since my lis franc fracture, and I still have pain in that area on a near-daily basis.

The pain from my lis franc fracture made walking, running, etc. quite difficult. Over the years since the injury, I’ve attempted several fitness routines and often gave up due to frustration from the pain.

Comfortable Boots for Walking Orthofeet Boots Review 3

Most recently, I’ve been working to lose the baby weight from my third baby, Alexis. Walking is one of my favorite ways to exercise because I can bring Alexis with me in her stroller, so I can accomplish exercising while entertaining her at the same time. However, I was getting frustrated with the pain I felt from my lis franc fracture while walking.

I was about ready to give up and cut back on the frequency and duration of my walks. Then, I discovered Orthofeet shoes and figured I might as well give them a try. I was shocked how much more comfortable they were while walking as compared to my previous shoes. (And I was wearing legitimate, name brand walking shoes before!)

Comfortable Boots for Walking Orthofeet Boots Review 2

Now that winter is here, I was so excited to see that Orthofeet offers a line of comfortable boots for walking! I chose the Orthofeet Florence Waterproof boots in black. Right now, they have over 400 reviews with about a 4.5 star average on the Orthofeet website, so I was confident they would be a great pick. I’ve become so reliant on reviews over the past few years that I can hardly remember how I purchased anything before we had reviews to look at!

Comfortable Boots for Walking Orthofeet Boots Review 6

The Velcro closure makes these Orthofeet boots super easy to get on and off. And they are nice and warm, so they’re perfect for these midwest winters! I’m so glad to have found a pair of comfortable boots for walking so I can continue my walks as much as possible during the cold months.

Comfortable Boots for Walking Orthofeet Boots Review 4

While I personally have experience with foot pain after lis franc fracture, Orthofeet shoes and boots are designed to alleviate and support a variety of mobility and foot conditions, which you can find by selecting “Shop By Conditions” on their website. Plus, Orthofeet are doctor-recommended and have over 125k 5-star reviews!

Comfortable Boots for Walking Orthofeet Boots Review 5

If you’re looking for comfortable boots for walking and enjoyed this Orthofeet boots review, I encourage you to check out the full section of Orthofeet boots and order some for yourself!

Comfortable Boots for Walking Orthofeet Boots Review

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