Maternity Workout Clothes from Mumberry

Maternity Workout Clothes

Right now, I’m 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. Baby is officially halfway done (and so am I)! At this stage in pregnancy, I’m basically living in maternity clothes. With my first baby, I really struggled to find cute maternity workout clothes. I usually ended up wearing a baggy t-shirt and shorts whenever I wanted to exercise. Not the most stylish look. This time around, I was determined to find some maternity workout clothes that were fashionable enough to wear outside of the house!

Enter Mumberry. This mom-owned company specializes in pregnancy activewear. Their collection includes tanks, tees, and leggings made of high-quality technical fabrics. And, best of all, the pieces are fashionable!

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Maternity Outfit Second Trimester – Pregnancy Style

Maternity Outfit Second Trimester

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Maternity Outfit Second Trimester

I’ve been showing a lot faster with this pregnancy than with my first. Although I’m only 19 weeks, I’ve been wearing maternity clothes for awhile now. In this post, I’m showing a favorite maternity outfit for second trimester.

My first pregnancy was 3 years ago. My style and body have changed quite a bit since then. Plus, my first baby was due in January, whereas this baby is due in July. Completely opposite seasons! So, although I saved my maternity clothes from my first pregnancy, most of them don’t fit my needs anymore. So, I’ve recently been trying to pick up some stylish, yet budget-friendly, maternity clothes.

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Best Gifts for Husband’s Birthday

Best Gifts for Husband's Birthday

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Need a great gift idea for your husband’s birthday? Get inspiration from this curated list of best gifts for husband’s birthday!

Husbands are notoriously difficult to shop for, am I right? I can shop for my son and myself all day (just ask my husband!). But for some reason, I always struggle with gift ideas for my man. I know I’m not the only one, so I put together this list of five best gifts for husband’s birthday to give you some creative gift ideas.

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