Best Gifts for Husband’s Birthday

Best Gifts for Husband's Birthday

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Need a great gift idea for your husband’s birthday? Get inspiration from this curated list of best gifts for husband’s birthday!

Husbands are notoriously difficult to shop for, am I right? I can shop for my son and myself all day (just ask my husband!). But for some reason, I always struggle with gift ideas for my man. I know I’m not the only one, so I put together this list of five best gifts for husband’s birthday to give you some creative gift ideas.

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Valentine’s Cookie Photo Session

Valentine's Day Cookie Photo Session

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

To celebrate, Colton and I baked (and ate!) some fun heart-shaped Valentine’s cookies. He enjoyed the baking process, but definitely enjoyed the eating part more! He’s at an age now where he really likes helping in the kitchen. His favorite kitchen tasks are cracking eggs and stirring (which he calls “stir stir stir!”). That’s probably why his favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs. Luckily for him, there was lots of stirring involved in the cookie making process.

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Little Lumberjack Birthday Party

Little Lumberjack Birthday Party

We hosted a little lumberjack birthday party to celebrate our little man turning TWO! The party was held at our home on a very cold Saturday in January. We hosted about 15 toddlers and their parents, plus some family members. It was a very full house!

We (okay, I) chose the little lumberjack birthday party theme mainly because it fit well with a winter birthday for a little boy. Plus, who doesn’t love plaid? We plan on having Colton’s parties at other venues as he gets older and makes more friends, so I figured this could be my last chance to do a themed party at home.

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