Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

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One of my biggest struggles as a mom is how to keep kid stuff from taking over your house. As soon as they’re born [well, even before they’re born!], the items start piling up: swing, play yard, bouncy seat, baby bathtub, the list goes on.

Then, they start getting toys. Ride-on toys, big bouncy balls, trucks, cranes, and more. Pretty soon, it feels like the walls are closing in. How can you stop kid stuff from taking over your home?

Storage Bins Are Your Friend

Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

As I’ve mentioned before, we don’t have a dedicated playroom in our home. However, we are lucky to have walk-in closets in each bedroom. So, a lot of our kids’ toys live in their closets, and we’ll bring them out to play. We also use canvas bins to store smaller toys in their rooms. The bins double as storage and decor. Mom win!

Repurpose Rooms to Better Fit Your Family’s Needs

One kid clutter solution I’ve seen several people implement is turning their dining room into a playroom. And honestly, I’d probably do the same… except that I harassed my husband for years [literally] for dining room furniture. We had an ugly hand-me-down set in our first home, which we didn’t bother to move into our new house. So we had been without dining room furniture for a couple years, and he finally took pity on me while I was pregnant with Colton and bought a dining room set. Only for me to discover a few months later the importance of a playroom. Oops. Well, now I’m attached to the furniture, so…

Find Kid-Friendly Items That Fit Your Decor Style

My number one strategy for battling the kid clutter is finding kid items that fit into our home’s decor naturally. You don’t have to keep kid stuff from taking over your house if it complements your decor in the first place.

I decorate with 99% neutral tones [hello, monochrome], and let’s face it: most baby stuff is not neutral.


That’s why I was so excited to find this new Johnson’s Baby Designer Wrap packaging! I picked up the Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Bath, Johnson’s Baby Bedtime Lotion, and Johnson’s Baby Shampoo Calming Lavender for my little ones. Click on the image above to shop the entire collection

Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

This exclusive designer wrap packaging is only available at Target, aka my second home.

Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

I love how the black and white packaging design fits in our monochrome nursery seamlessly. These bottles are too pretty to put away!

Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

Babies have the best smell, don’t they? I swear I sniff Blair at least 10 times a day. Okay, one day she will read that sentence and think I’m crazy. That’s one of those things you don’t understand until you become a mom. But seriously, I’ve always loved lavender-scented products for my babies. It’s the perfect light fragrance to enhance that sweet baby smell.

Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

As a mom, I love how safety is Johnson’s #1 priority. Johnson’s follows the Best for Baby Standards, meaning these products are hypoallergenic, have no parabens or phthalates, and aren’t tested on animals.

Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

Use Neutral Storage Options in Main Living Areas

Unfortunately, not all kid products are as cute as these! That’s where the storage bins and toy boxes come in. A neutral toy box or even an ottoman will go a long way towards concealing the clutter in your main living areas. We have a nice wooden toy box in our living room where we rotate toys in and out for Colton to play with.

View Your Home with Fresh Eyes

Speaking of rotating, it definitely helps to keep tabs on which items are currently getting played with or used. If your kiddo has lost interest in a toy or hasn’t used an item [like a swing or bouncy seat] for awhile, there’s no reason to keep it around. For me, it’s easy to become “immune” to my own home. Look around with fresh eyes to see if there is anything you can store/donate/sell.

And remember, these years are short. Soon, they’ll only want to play video games or have their heads down looking at a phone all day… and you’ll long for the days of wondering how to keep kid stuff from taking over your house.

Keep Kid Stuff from Taking Over Your House

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  1. So tough not to be consumed by possessions. Good tips!

    1. I completely agree! And thanks!

  2. Baby stuff totally does take over! We hide toys in storage bins in our living room and just shut the doors everywhere else haha I will have to try some of your tips to get those rooms looking better

    1. Oh yes, we definitely employ the shutting doors trick too! We also have a baby gate at the top of the stairs that we often shut when we have company to discourage people from seeing the mess up there. Haha!

  3. Oh wow! That’s a great post! I haven’t seen this packaging in stores yet, but looks cool.

    1. It’s definitely a fun design! This specific packaging is only available at Target!

  4. This is a must read for moms. It’s really helpful for organizing all the mess.

    1. That’s so kind! Thank you!

  5. Bins are my best friend at home for my kids toys. Without them I would have toys every where.

    1. I completely agree! They are a lifesaver around here too!

  6. I loved the article on reclaiming your space and not letting your kids stuff take over the home.

    I really appreciate that perspective on taking ownership of your space.
    My childrens things have over time taken over each room one at a time to the point where I feel no longer like an adult.

    I will be implementing these tips starting tonight, and I absolutely love the print on the Johnsons & Johnsons bottles!

    1. Thank you so much! It doesn’t take long for kid stuff to take over the house. Trust me, I know! Haha.

  7. I am so happy to have chanced upon this posts. I have been looking for ideas that can help me with sorting my house as it looks to be full of kiddie stuff here and there and I so love spick and span house. I could use the suggestions given by you. Thank you

    1. Thank you! It can definitely be a struggle to keep a clean home with little ones around!

  8. I wish I had walk in closets, but our home was built in 1964 and even though we completely remodeled it, the closets are average size. I need to figure out what to do with all this kid stuff!

    1. Our last house was that way. We didn’t have hardly any closet space, and it was rough. I’m sure your remodel looks great, though!

  9. Storage bins are definitely my BFF… I have them all over to store all my little boys toys. We live in a 2 story so I like him to keep a lot of stuff downstairs to play during the day but at bedtime those bins are a lifesaver for quick easy cleanup!!

    1. Yes, storage bins make a world of difference! I keep buying more but it’s like we never have enough bins… or maybe we just have too many toys!

    1. That is so kind! Thank you, Erin!

  10. This Mum At Home says:

    Gosh this is every parents struggle . I’ve learnt to restrict toys to the kids rooms and that’s it now …. mind you miss 1 drags them around the house still lol

    1. We do a lot of that too, but sometimes it is a losing battle around here! I’m sure you know the feeling. Haha

  11. I love the decor of your nursery. Definitely going to steal some ideas to make mine look more insane.

    1. Thank you! Good luck with your decorating!

  12. We started a toy rotation, that turned into just purging a bunch of un played with toys and turned our dining room into a playroom – but we have a HUGE eat in kitchen so it was feasible.

    Cubby shelves and cloth bins are your friend 🙂

    I have my son push his toy shopping cart around, collecting stray toys at least twice a day! He thinks its fun and I get my desired result of less clutter!

    Love this article!

    1. That’s a great idea! My son has a little shopping cart too. I’ll try that with him tomorrow. Hopefully he’ll think it’s a game!

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